List of products by brand Luxenter

The Luxenter brand is a pioneer in the development of high jewelry in silver, steel and semi-precious stones; a new product philosophy that has luxury within the reach of society. His specialty is to combine the highest quality with the design and the Spanish artisan tradition.

Luxenter is a national brand that thanks to its good work achieves more and more international successes. its designs that mark fashion every season range from classic design jewelry to much more daring models with silver jewelry combined with stones of all kinds of textures and colors and all this is offered to the public of all kinds at prices that suit all economies.

Consequently, Luxenter carefully takes care of the entire creation process, from the sketch of its design to the moment a case is opened, so that you can live a unique experience. Three decades of design experience back them up. In Joyeria Armaan we want you to be able to wear, touch, feel those jewels without it being a significant outlay. It is what attracts us most to Luxenter, variety, design and quality.

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